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Dos and Don'ts to Adhere to Within the First Week of Car Windscreen Replacement

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Your car's windscreen has two main functions: to ensure you have an unobstructed view of the road ahead of you and to keep out any flying pests and debris that could impede your ability to drive. So if the windscreen is compromised, so is your driving ability. Certainly, the severity of damage is what determines if repairs will suffice instead of replacement. But if you require windscreen replacement, you must know how best to take care of the new glass before it has cured sufficiently. Failure to follow the after instructions that your mechanic provides you with puts the new auto glass at risk of succumbing to damage that would warrant its replacement, which is not only inconvenient but is extremely costly too. Fortunately, the aftercare is not too complex. Below are a few of the dos and don'ts that you should adhere to within the first week of windscreen replacement.

Do keep the windows slightly open

After the new windscreen has been attached to the vehicle at the mechanic, there is the risk of pressure building up inside your car once you take it home. This pressure needs to be released or it could end up pushing against the new auto glass and this will cause the sides to detach to the frame. To prevent this from happening, your mechanic will probably advise you to leave one or more windows slightly open so that the internal pressure of the car does not change. The mistake some motorists make is to think that if it is cold outside, then there will not be any hot air rising in the car to cause a build-up of pressure, but this is incorrect. Even when the temperatures dip, you should still keep the windows barely rolled down.

Do not slam any doors

Although your mechanic will use industrial-strength urethane to anchor the new windscreen in place, it does not mean that the auto glass is automatically secure. In addition to the new windscreen curing for a few hours at the auto shop, you will also need to make sure that nobody disrupts the curing process once you get home as the seal will still be sensitive. Any sudden jolts to the car will cause vibrations that will reverberate to the windscreen's frame and these vibrations can dislodge the auto glass from its place. Bearing that in mind, you must take measures to ensure that the doors, and even the boot, are not slammed shut. You can do this by keeping the car locked for a few days so kids do not tamper with the doors accidentally.

Speak with a professional about your car windscreen replacement needs.