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Why A Broken Windscreen Is More Dangerous Than You Might Expect

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When it comes to making sure your car runs smoothly, most people are pretty good about changing the oil, making sure it is serviced on time and generally ensuring all the various bits and pieces of maintenance are done properly. However, where people can be a little bit more lax is when it comes to the presence of minor cracks or blemishes in their windscreen. If you notice anything wrong with your windscreen whatsoever, then you need to be very proactive about it and start to try and get it fixed right away. Here are a few reasons why a broken windscreen is more dangerous than you might expect.

Problem While Driving

If, worst comes to worst, the windscreen shatters while you are driving, then not only will you be showered with a lot of shards of glass, but you will also immediately be hit with a strong gust of air that will be very disorienting. This happens when people drive around with windscreens that they mean to get fixed eventually but simply have not put the time or effort into finally doing so. Car windscreen replacement services do not take long and can be done in a single afternoon so there is no excuse for putting yourself and your passengers at risk.

Broken While Parked

When you park your car and leave it for the night, you expect to find it the next morning with minimal damage, if any. However, with a cracked or damaged windscreen, your car is very much at risk of flooding or even having the windscreen broken entirely by a stray branch or curious animal. This can cause thousands more dollars worth of damage than just replacing the glass windscreen and can leave lingering issues like problems with the electrical system for years to come.

Danger For Others

Not only is a cracked windscreen a potential hazard for yourself, but it can also be dangerous for those around you. If it does crack or shatter, then bits and pieces will be left on the road behind you, potentially puncturing tires or injuring pedestrians. If others are in the car with you, they can be seriously injured as well, so it is not just your own life you are putting at risk. Car windscreen replacements are never to be taken lightly and require the same attention as a check-engine light or other, serious issues that threaten the safety of your car.

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