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Why Should You Repair a Windscreen Chip?

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No matter how carefully you drive, you can't avoid some damage to your car every now and then. If you're driving over small stones, then it's easy for a stone to fly up and hit your windscreen.

A small flying stone won't necessarily crack or break your windscreen badly enough for you to need an immediate fix. You're more likely to get a chip in the screen. This may be tiny, and you may not consider it a big problem.

However, any chip in a windscreen is an issue that you need to sort out. Why are windscreen chips a problem and how can you fix them?

What Can Windscreen Chips Do?

A chip in a windscreen damages the integrity of the glass. The glass isn't a complete sheet any longer. This isn't generally an immediate problem. The glass will hold together around the chip.

However, as time passes, things could get worse. The chip has weakened your windscreen's glass. If the glass were to take another hit, then it might crack and break more significantly because it has a weak spot.

Even if nothing else hits your windscreen, the chip itself could ultimately cause more damage. If your windscreen's strength and composition is compromised, then areas around the chip could start to break down as well.

These areas could get cracks on them that could spread all over the windscreen. This could lead to extensive damage or even a full break. You'll then have no option but to put a new screen in your car. A chip repair is a cheap and effective way of preventing this level of damage.

How Can You Fix Windscreen Chips?

If you fix a windscreen chip early, then you restore the glass's integrity. Companies that handle windscreen repairs can do this for you.

They clean out the chip and then use special tools and materials to inject resin into any breach in and around the damaged areas. This resin creates a strong bond with the glass and prevents the chip from doing any further damage.

Once the chip is repaired, the area around it is polished off. You may still be able to see where the chip was, but your windscreen will look better than it did.

So, it's better to deal with a chip early than to leave it on your windscreen. If you're pushed for time and need a quick fix, then you can call out a mobile windscreen repairs service. They can come to your home and sort your windscreen out for you.